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The Twilight Program at Lehigh Learning Academy consists of several off-hour schooling options including daily Night School, home-based Cyber School, Credit Recovery, and Private Tutoring through the Lehigh Learning Center. Hours are from 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM daily, or by appointment. IEP tracking, modification, support and development is provided as requested.
  • Night School offers a more relaxed atmosphere and a more flexible, informal, young adult program with greater access to teachers and counselors for the serious non-traditional student. Night School contains many of the features of our daytime programming including intensive IEP monitoring and tracking. Through a combination of online coursework done at home and three and a half hours of intensive academics and small group counseling on-site, students are able to complete a full eight credit year in roughly half the time of our day program. Night School is ideal for the student with a day job or work release and child care responsibilities, or for those students with a family business or farm that relies on their daytime participation.

  • Cyber School is intended for the student whose personal needs limit his/her access to the classroom and provides for a more flexible schedule on-line at home. Maybe physical challenges and limitations prevent the student from feeling accepted and comfortable in the traditional school/classroom setting. Perhaps s/he just can’t function within the rigid parameters and stressful social scene of day or night school programs. Perhaps there are demands such as unplanned pregnancy and parenting that prevent the student from spending a great deal of time away from the home. Maybe s/he is only available for instruction on the weekends. Cyber School provides for these students’ needs, and can be implemented in many ways and time-frames. Mobile counseling and academic review sessions, where members of our staff will meet with students either at home, or in central locations, are included with this program option thus eliminating the need for transportation from the sending district or agency.

  • Credit Recovery is for students or adult learners who simply need to make up for lost time. Through intensive online coursework, students can take specific courses in every subject area from the 6th through 12th grade levels. Additionally, a curriculum is customized at an individual level to allow students to test out of previously mastered knowledge and lessons. This shortens his/her graduation/equivalency timelines. This program may also be used for Credit Acceleration, where students complete online coursework in addition to a full course-load during the day. This program is ideal for students or adult learners who may have struggled in a particular subject area throughout High School, or who have job placements pending the attainment of a High School diploma or its equivalent.

  • Private Tutoring and small group tutoring is available in all subject areas and disciplines as well as for the SAT, PSSA, GED, and the ASVAB tests. Times and schedules are determined by the needs and availability of the students.